Facebook Interview Process (Case Study)

Facebook Interview Process
(Case Study)

1. What are the principles behind Facebook’s interview process?  Do you think it is too complex?  Explain.

Facebook is always seeking individuals that not only fit their organization’s culture but that have a strong grasp on what the company is about. 

2.What does the interview process tell you about Facebook’s culture? Explain.

Facebook is not looking for a (warm body) for its various positions.  Candidates and the ones selected for hiring should have a strong ability to contribute to the organization.

3.  Can Facebook’s interview process be applied in companies that are not technology-based?  How might it be applied to a company that makes golf clubs?

No, it can't be applied exactly but can be used as a reference for a similar approach. Because every new hire an entrepreneur makes determines the heights to which the company can climb or the depths to which it can go and is based on the company's vision and type. Every hire is different whether externally or internally because bad hires are incredibly expensive and no company can afford many of them. The intangible costs, including the time invested in the job search, training the new employee, lost opportunities, reduced morale, and business setbacks, add to this total expense. These costs make a solid case for entrepreneurs investing time in attracting, hiring, and retaining the best-qualified employees.

4.  Why is hiring new employees so important for a small business?  Why is it so difficult?  How does the process at Facebook address some of the challenges that companies face when hiring? 

The smaller an organization, the more critical the role played by each employee.  Therefore, hiring is very important for a small business.  However, many small business owners do not have the experience or knowledge of hiring processes.  In addition, strong candidates may not be interested in a small business.  Facebook’s interview process illustrates how one company can find candidates with the right cultural fit for their organization.