The European Union's 6th Program Framework (Mini-Case Study: 2.1)

Q. Identify program management elements in the framework program of EU ?

To ensure that the right projects are being focused on, aligning portfolios and projects with corporate strategies and goals is the best approach. On the other hand, wasting time on the wrong projects will disconnect the business from what it must achieve.
Elements can be identified in terms of this program by first placing an adequate structure, especially when noticing that the EU program pursued two major objectives and all programs were tailored to achieve those objectives. The evaluation process was considered in each program cycle and based on the results many elements like the budget and methodology were clearly identified. Then the program was delivered by following a leveled framework to concentrate on developing alternative energy sources, and the allocation of funds for research and development.

Finally, all the projects in the leveled framework programs will be achieved and carried out with partners from different EU countries.