Team Leader’s Challenge (Case Study)

Q1- What are the pros and cons of reorganizing the office into a team?

Working teams offer some benefits when collaborating  to derive a better quality, and a more creative solution to a specific problem. When employees from different backgrounds and perspectives discuss the given alternative solutions, the best possible solution will be chosen. Here, challenges can occur when teams replace more individualized work upon them. Therefore, by setting individual goals with the team goals, employee can create a more friendly environment and a tend to have a healthy competition influencing each other's motivation.
Cons can happen when team members view themselves as competing for attention and getting praise for their accomplishments rather than cooperating in the organizational goals. In this case managers (leaders) have to figure out a way how to reward teamwork while encouraging cooperation to achieve the organizational goals.

Q2- Who should be on the team? Should the team include both the professionals and the clerical assistants?

Both should be on the team.
It is known that trust in the workplace can sometimes be difficult to maintain, but it's a necessary part of running a successful business. Therefore, professionals could benefit from having some kind of the clerical assistants help especially during the administrative support. They might have difficulties in trusting others to take over important tasks. But here comes the leadership part  again to balance the expertise power towards accomplishment.
I believe that you should always make your assistants a priority. Because those people can be one of the most important employees you will ever have, and they should be taking on tasks to give you more chance to do the things that you are the best and most productive at.

Q3- How much authority or control should you maintain over the team?

We should abandon the traditional structure in which decision rights are reserved only for people at the top. As a Leader,  my role here is to involve the entire team with a sense of responsibility and authority for the project. This can have more benefits when employees feel more empowered and engaged towards achieving goals.