Starting off on the Wrong Foot (Mini-Case Study: 10.3)

  Q.  If you were the facilitator, what would you do to get the project back on track?

A facilitator must be able to develop teams and moderate conflicts and have a long experience in project development to successfully deal with technical or unfamiliar content. He or she must have the ability to appreciate diverse ideas, and understand training logistics and administration. All mentioned shall come together with a strong ability working in a cross-functional (team, culture, project) and in a matrix organization.

As a facilitator, I will try my best to enhance the project manager qualifications related to the project methodology, and overcome any gaps between functions and other cultures. Also, I will orient the working teams to understand in-depth their common objectives and help them how to achieve them. I will assist them in achieving agreements on any disagreements that might emerge. Finally, after preparing the teams for recovery it will be my responsibility to get them focused on recovering. This may include having to replace any member that can’t get himself back in the project probably.