R&D and production transfer at Rolls-Royce (Mini-Case Study: 3.1)

Q. Identify the criteria that the breakdown of level 1 work elements is based on.

The Work Breakdown Structure is one of the most important aspects of project planning and control. It is a connecting point for work and cost, scheduling, and accountability. It must be there before any plan been implemented. When making a WBS, mirroring from the functional structure or from the organizational structure must be avoided, because all objectives at all levels should be measurable and deliverables.

Structuring the WBS of level 1 work elements can be based on two approaches:
1- Based on a deliverables perspective: In this approach (Level 1) entries will represent the major deliverables that the project will create.
2- Based on a life cycle perspective: In this approach (Level 1) entries will correspond to the major phases of the life cycle.

Deliverables can be from a project charter or from the statement of work. These deliverables will become the Level 1 entries within the WBS.