Project Management Offices at BHP Billiton and Lego (Mini-Case Study: 2.2)

Q. Discuss the differences between the project management offices of both organizations and assess the effectiveness of each approach?

Project management offices play a dynamic internal role when they are delivered appropriately. In both practices, both organizations managed their projects at the best level of value and offered solutions to stand and address challenges.
For sure project management offices' effectiveness will vary between organizations. But what differentiates the success between the two practices is how well is the PMO embedded and integrated within their organizations. Based on that four factors can determine the level of effectiveness and integration:
 1. Recognition of expertise: Project professionals working with the PMO should always improve the level of respect project management receives within the organization.
2. Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration between project professionals and within departments.
 3. Support: Gaining support from stakeholders.
4. The mission: People outside the PMO should know its purpose and understand it well.

Finally, I believe that by increasing the strength of one or more of these factors the level of  integration and effectiveness should enhance the overall performance of PMO.