Knowledge Management in an International Construction Company (Mini-Case Study: 11.2)

 Q.  What are the key success factors of this knowledge management tool in order for it to work well?

In international projects, there should always be a community of people that focuses on the project or the objectives. This group should understand the value of sharing ideas and recommends high quality work. With a dedicated group like this to the tasks, projects are much easier to complete and knowledge is spread and captured.
Many success factors can be a tool to help implement knowledge networking especially in international projects. In this case, I can recommend some features that emerge consistently and contributes to an excellent dialogue pushing the knowledge forward.
1- Free flow of information and feeling and thoughts. People will feel able to express their inner feelings and have them respected.
2- People must be recognized for their contribution, and not their positions in the company because they will have a better picture of what others will feel directly rather than formal hierarchical channels.
3- People who has knowledge must contribute it freely especially in a knowledge networking environment?