Irritations at the Start of a Telecommunications Project (Mini-Case Study: 3.2)

Q1. What went wrong in terms of stakeholder management?

The concept of a stakeholder is one of the main contributions in business. A concern for the stakeholder interest has become a recognized feature of ethical and conflict management. Stakeholders are persons, groups, or organizations that have interests in projects and who might influence the project planning, implementation, and use.

So, from the beginning, it is so important to identify potential conflicts that might occur between project stakeholders, as it's a step toward conflict management and anticipation. Thus, the next step is assessing  stakeholders expectations related to the project, and to note what are the conflicts that each stakeholder might possibly become involved in.

In this case, study,  for both sides to meet all the specifications and requirements requested for the project, both teams should embrace enough empowerment and all required competencies. Conflict emerged here from different perspectives, on whether to go with a non -platform the solution which was cost-competitive or a solution that had a future proof advantage. What happened should be properly avoided from the beginning of the project, if there were clear responsibilities and adequate communication channels.

 Q2. Compare the task of the initiating phase discussed in this chapter with the activities in the case. What should the organization improve?

One of the most critical phases within the project life cycle is the initiation phase. It also can be called the project pre-planning phase, because of its importance being the basic characteristic of a project. To successfully initiate a project, basic steps are required to develop a business case to undertake a feasibility study. In the mentioned case, the main goal shall be to examine the project feasibility and to decide which party will carry out the project. Or both parties can be involved at the same time depending on the support that they can involve.
Also in this phase, the project leader should write a proposal that contains a clear description of the business plan. Especially when both project parties are going to enter a temporary relationship with each other, false expectations might rise concerning the project results, and  agreeing on a type of a project that is based on an (a prototype) will largely determine its result in advance.

In the end, in In my opinion communication can be the main reason for a project to fail and the choice is to keep communication relevant and clear with targeted stakeholders.