How to Communicate with the Scandinavian Customer (Mini-Case Study: 6.2)

Q. Identify how the costumer was integrated in the project. Assess the underlying co-ordination and communication mechanisms.

The success of any project  depends on the quality of the relationship between those  involved. A good working relationship, will build a clear and a solid understanding between both parties. So, to achieve such success it will take more than a regular communication, and will require investing time and effort into understanding the client and his situation. Here, the firm employed a number of professionals to work with  the client over a period of time, to clarify responsibilities for maintaining an efficient relationship and an ongoing project process. Special care was offered  to manage the relationship related to large orders like this, and the company had full understanding of  the complexity of the decision making process. Furthermore, to nurture the client relationship, a comprehensive, and a regular communication approach was applied through scheduling regular meetings and  progress reports.  

Finally, a successful completion here will mean accomplishing the required mission and being able to measure the client’s satisfaction. In this situation it is always important  to look for feedback from clients on the service they received, because a satisfied costumer will increase the possibility of more projects being awarded. 

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