Fight Against Global Pandemics (End Case)

Q1.  Assuming that the same characteristics apply to a program and project: what are the characteristics of Global Avian Influenza Program which make it an international program?

Complexity : Dealing with a variety of factors especially when dealing with multiple stakeholders that have different interests and geographically spread can be considered as an international characteristics.
Risk : Operating a programme like this in a third world country can face a sudden political change that might affect the whole process achieving the strategy.
Uniqueness : I believe that any international project or programme shall always be unique.

Q2. Who are the main stakeholders in the Global Program on the Avian Influenza?
Main stakeholders that can be identified are :
1- World Bank
2- United Nations
3- Food and Agriculture Organization
4- World Health Organization Health
5- Global Program for Avian Influenza
6- Governments 
7- national institutions

Q3. What are the success criteria for this international program ? 

International programmes in general like these knows no borders. In this case successful international programmes depend on the extent to which outcomes are achieved. Strategies shall be controlled and developed for continues review, and information about the disease and  research findings from the field must be collected and updated. Also, essential coordination, cooperation and support is needed to ensure the programme consistency, resources use, and information sharing between countries. To develop and implement any involved country's specific disease control plan, working in partnership with national institutions is a major start.
Policy and strategy implementation within a country's must be assessed to make sure that they are economically and socially acceptable and sustainable. Hence, there will be many gaps and obstacles obstructing the success of this international program. Because many of the countries involved are infected or at a risk of being infected have unsuitable health systems, and due to corrupted systems there will be weak and unfair participation of producers, stakeholders or resources that are wanted to accumulate effective and a controlled programmes. 

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