Delay in Software Roll Out (Mini-Case Study: 5.1)

Q.  What could the project manager have done to avoid the delay?

Implementing an ERP system is considered to be one of the most expensive and time consuming task an IT department can take. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and requires hundreds of working hours to implement. But a successful ERP implementation will help the  organization ease work.

In this case study, to help ensure that the ERP implementation is successful, or to minimize the potential problems, the project manager should have conducted an internal audit for the processes and policies before choosing an ERP system, and lead an ERP evaluation team from stakeholders across the business. Also, to reduce the implementation cost the manager should have analyzed the business needs thoroughly to reduce time. Because ERP systems are often different and varies for each business needs, and analyzing those needs will determine the suitable features  that will integrate into the ERP platform.

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