Q1. Apply the monitoring matrix illustrated in figure 7.4. What areas would you have prioritized if you had been the project manager?

I would prioritize of how the productivity of human resources can be impacted due to cultural diversity. In this case i recommend that the company can improve their corporate culture by:
·  Recruiting, training, teaching and coaching their managers perfectly so they can provide attractive role models for their employees.
·    Establish better procedures that takes into account the culture diversity in their human resource.
·  Culture diversity should be emphasized in their organization vision, mission and business strategy and the HRM strategy.

Q2. Identify the issue emerging during the implementation phase and put them in an issue log as exemplified in figure 7.9.

Issue Log

Q3. Where do you see the links between project planning and project implementation?

Project implementation process puts the project into action, while project planning sets the implementation process to go. Therefore, both processes are different but they are strategically linked to achieve goals. Project implementation is essential for the strategic planning process, because it can show new issues and challenges that may not have been anticipated, eventually, resulting in a more advanced strategy, process and products or  services.